Spring breeze


Spring is right around the corner and I’m really looking forward to it this year. I don’t like spring very much and this season of new love only resurfaces the awkward memory of my freshman self attempting to jump across the giant mud pool in front of Mrs. Walker’s temporary and failing. However, this winter was an extreme letdown with nearly every forecast storm bypassing Iowa City and not a single snow day. So for once, I’m welcoming spring with open arms (and a dandelion graphic of course).

This piece was pretty easy to make. I was doodling on a scrap piece of paper and suddenly had the idea to enhance my doodles in Adobe Draw. I took a picture of the dandelion I had drawn and edited it on Photoshop to get rid of the wrinkles and stray marks that were on the page. Then I sent the photo to my phone and opened it up in Adobe Draw. All I did was add a background color and trace the drawing with different brushes. The colors I used were at 40-50% transparency so that the sketch would still be visible underneath.

Although this piece wasn’t time consuming and was a breeze to make, I think it’s pretty cute. This graphic mixes an artistic look with a minimalistic style for an overall clean look.


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