Haldiram inspires

When my relatives come to visit from India, along with them comes boxes upon boxes of sweets from Haldiram, a sweets company. My nani came recently and her timing was perfect – we had just finished off our last box of kaju barfi and she came with 6 or 7 more boxes.

Last night I was eating kaju barfi when my mom pulled out a box of saffron petha. Petha has always been her favorite sweet since she was little. I have always preferred kaju barfi over petha, but at the moment all I could see was a really cute color palette 😀

Classic Simran, it’s 11 pm and I pull out a dish, barfi, petha, saffron, and I get a pink background to create a palette. What can I say, sometimes you find some inspiration and you just gotta act on it before you lose it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You’d think taking the photo would be fairly straightforward, but the silver coating on barfi makes it really hard to get a nice photo, as it reflects so much light. It look lots of trials and awkward stances to block out the right amount of light and get a photo with minimal reflection.

This photo reminds me of nights in India, stuffing myself with burfi, laddu, gulab jamun, and so many other sweets. It just screams summer!


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