Designer state of mind


This graphic seems pretty simple to make, right? Just make a few letters, reorient them in an outline of a face, change a few colors and voilà, it’s done! Wrong. Since when is making a graphic ever as easy as it seems?

The time consuming part of this graphic came about because I could not find any weird symbols in InDesign like the funky ear, the lips, or the mutilated pi- if these do exist and you know where they are, please enlighten poor designers like myself who have yet to find them!

So what did I do when I couldn’t find these symbols? I made them, duh. If you haven’t figured this out already, classic Simran rarely abandons an idea when she realizes it will take forever. Rather, she deals with the pain and takes the very very long road to executing her idea (she also occasionally refers to herself in third person…heh). It took a while to get all the odd shapes to look just right, but it resulted in a very clean graphic. (If you’re wondering why I didn’t just stick with real letters, it’s because being limited to just 26 letters would have resulted in a pretty stale graphic.) The final touch was adding a few pastel colors in various areas of the graphic to highlight certain features-the ear and lips- and bring the piece to life.

The most trivial part of this design seems to be the outline of the head, but yet again, this graphic proves to be quite deceiving. Creating the outline was the hardest part because it had to be perfectly curved in all the right places. I had to go back and recreate the outline over and over again because there would be one tiny bump in the wrong place. Creating this part of the graphic required lots of patience and time, luckily both of which I had when I made this.

More often than not, designers run into unforeseen difficulties that make creating a quality graphic extremely time consuming and difficult. I guess you could say it requires a designer state of mind to tough it out and make a good graphic.


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