This weekend has been jam packed with newspaper work, but tonight I finally found some time to relax. At my aunt’s wedding this summer, she had some really cute wooden stamps as decorations on the tables. Of course I collected them, but I never used them until today.

I haven’t painted in forever, and I never use stamps, so I had to use some unconventional methods to make this. I actually used diluted food coloring and dipped the stamps in that. Once I put the stamp on the paper, it left a blob of water, and I quickly dabbed it up with a paper towel so that all that was left behind was a muted, vague shape resembling the stamp pattern.

The one ink pad I own was very, very dried out, so I added some water onto that and pressed my stamps into it for a while, then pressed them onto the paper. I like how the stamps didn’t make a perfectly clear image and I played off of that look for the entire piece.

I then added some blue pattern to give the piece some pop. Lastly, I added one more blob of water from a stamp, and put in some blue diluted food coloring to let the colors blend a bit. Then I dabbed that color up, too.

This piece was pretty fun to make as I just improvised as I went and I like the overall vintage look that resulted.

Here’s a picture of the entire ensemble! Notice the color palette 😉



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