Save Science!



UPDATE: the event date has been changed to March 28, same time, same place. 

Here is a link to purchase the shirt in bulk, if you will be at the event/ live in the Iowa City/Coralville area.

So if you haven’t heard already, the Scientists’ Assembly in Iowa City takes place this Saturday from 12-2pm at the Pentacrest. Here is the link to order a t-shirt with this design on it. This date came around really fast, and I hadn’t even realized it was this weekend until last night!

I wanted to get involved since science has been a huge part of my life- I’ve wanted to go pre-med ever since I can remember, I frequently volunteer at the hospital and do job shadows, and I LOVE learning about science. A couple years back I even taught myself the basics of how to read an EKG (which was very, very cool). But I won’t ramble on and on about that. The point is, I wanted to be involved with this event in some way, so I figured I would put my skills to use and design a t-shirt.

This morning I started sketching out various concepts and  I eventually settled on a very clean concept with circles and white space (of course I also utilized some inspiration from Pinterest). I was originally going to have a 3×3 grid of circles, but I didn’t end up doing that for two reasons:

  1. Way too time consuming! I worked on this design for over seven hours, and that was just for six circles :’)
  2. I felt it would look a bit busy once I added the text as well, so I thought it would be best to use that final row for the text.

Originally, this design had quite a few colors, but I narrowed it down quite a bit because CustomInk increases the cost of a t-shirt for the more colors you have. I think decreasing the number of colors also helped the design look cleaner overall.

My first “final” version of the t-shirt design: there are ~9 different colors on this design- way too many!

I planned to create this design on Illustrator or InDesign, but then I realized it was a lot harder to create smooth curves and the small details I wanted with a mouse compared to with my Apple Pencil. So, I switched to my iPad and drew all the graphics on Adobe Draw. Then, I sent them to my computer via AirDrop and edited them in Photoshop.

My second “final” version: I got rid of the green, but that only cut one color. There are still too many. I also flipped the weights of the text.











Quick note: see that circle in the upper right-hand corner? Yeah, the one with the blue atom? The black shape on the edge took me at least one hour to create!

The real final design 🙂 The colors have been narrowed down to just red, yellow, blue, and black ,giving it a very clean look!

Here’s a slideshow of all the graphics before they were placed into circles on InDesign. You can see the detail of each graphic more easily:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Since there is a function on Adobe Draw where I can remove the background of my works before sending them, the only thing I needed to change in Photoshop was the resolution of the graphics- I bumped up the resolution to 300 and kept the image size fairly large (I think it was around 30×30 inches). For graphics transferred from Adobe Draw, I’ve found that the image size has to be really big, else everything looks very pixelated.

For each revision I made, it took quite a long time because I first had to edit the Adobe Draw document, then the Photoshop document, then place it in Indesign. I used InDesign to create the circles around each graphic and place the text, thus finishing off the composition of this piece.

I’m going to keep this post fairly short and end it here since I’m sick (how ironic considering I just posted a Get Well Soon card last night…maybe I’ll just keep it for myself…)

Until next time,



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