Life has been pretty chill as of late, which is very nice; I have little to no homework and plenty of free time these days which leads to lots of doodling and finally time to catch up on some books.

I have started browsing contests on 99Designs again and signing up for some, but I forgot how hard it is to find something I’m actually interested in! It’s difficult to design when a project doesn’t speak to you, and quite a few of these projects have oddly specific requirements. However, it’s still a good way for me to broaden my horizons and try new styles. Furthermore, it forces me to keep practicing which is never a bad thing.

I’ve been trying a new style as of late, as you can see with this piece. I made this with just a purple pen, black pen, and yellow markers. It was pretty simple, but it took a TON of time…my hand still hurts 😥 I’ve always loved Marimekko prints and they tend to inspire me a lot, as you can see from this piece. I also really enjoy mixing more dramatic artistry with fine detail, hence the big sweeping yellow accents paired with detailed patterns. And of course, I chose yellow because its complementary color is purple 😉 This composition includes quite a bit of repetition of certain objects and strokes to tie everything together. I’ve learned that when there’s a lack of repetition in these pieces, it tends to look very messy.

Drawing prior to adding yellow
Drawing with first shade of yellow added

I’ll keep this post fairly short and finish off with a Spotify playlist…Spotify moved things around and I wasn’t able to find their alternative station for a while– it was like they hid it! But hurrah, I finally managed to dig it back out.





I have a lot more doodles that I’ll start posting soon on my Instagram, @simplygestalt, so stay tuned for more content!




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