Blueberries Galore

foodWith me being gluten-free and one of my friends being a vegetarian, sometimes it can be really, really difficult for us to find food that we can both eat. While there is a fairly decent selection of restaurants in Iowa City, they can only last you so long. So, especially with all the free time we have now, my friends and I decided to make gluten-free pancakes and smoothes for breakfast on Saturday!

We used this recipe we found off the internet for the pancakes, and for the smoothies we just put in whatever we thought would taste best. If I remember correctly, it included a mango, banana, some strawberries, lemon zest, lemon juice, and milk. It was pretty good and refreshing!

Usually my friends and I tend to loosely follow recipes and adjust them to our taste. You can’t go wrong with blueberry pancakes, so of course we added those in. I also love lemon pancakes, so we threw in some lemon zest and juice into the mix as well. But…. all of us forgot at the time that buttermilk has a sour taste to it! So our pancakes turned out a little too sour 😦 It wasn’t too bad though, because the syrup hid the taste a bit.

Of course when we made breakfast I had to stop and take a picture because of the perfect palette! I really like this palette because it’s so refreshing. Even though it’s very cold and dark outside, this palette makes me so excited for spring 😀 Also, it’s SO fruity- even my plates are blueberry inspired!

Ideally we would’ve gone out for a bike ride or hike after breakfast, but because it’s February and we live in Iowa, we ended up sitting inside. Instead, we ended up binging Freaks and Geeks on Netflix while drinking smoothies. 🙂


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