What Next?

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I talked a bit about the cover for this issue and on the Eiffel Tower graphic, so I’ll skip those topics in this post. For the first page in this spread, I was having a difficult time thinking of a big graphic I could use. Then I remembered that big typography was trending, so I jumped on that. I used the “chalk” brush on Illustrator to trace letters and then adjusted the spacing of everything on InDesign. If I could change one thing about that first page, it would be the contrast between the lettering. I feel like it’s a bit overwhelming how much big, white, chalky lettering there is. I’d change up the typography a bit throughout the headline to make it a bit easier on the eyes and to keep the reader engaged.

For the entire design, I would’ve made the subheads bigger or a different color-maybe plain white- to make them more noticible. I think my design for pages 3-6 is alright, but it could’ve been a lot better. The pages don’t quite fit with the first two, and it actually took me a long, long time to figure out why; it’s because of the way I created the dominant elements on those two following pages. For the Eiffel Tower graphic, I made it out of lots of individual brush strokes. However, for the mosque and Lady Liberty, I created outlines and filled the objects in. I should’ve made these objects out of small brush strokes as well to maintain one, cohesive look.

Because I made all the graphics in Illustrator with tons of strokes, the InDesign turned out to be a HUGE file. On exporting night, the cover story design was finally finished and all the writers gathered around my computer to finalize things. They took turns reading parts of the story aloud to catch any final errors (one oxford comma and a misspell of the word “the”), and then the page was finally ready to export. This was the last spread of the issue that had to be exported, so everyone was waiting in anticipation. While InDesign worked to export the spread to an Adobe PDF, someone started playing “The Final Countdown.” Well, the InDesign file was so big that “The Final Countdown” played through for about 3 times, then the application crashed and we had to troubleshoot and figure out a different way to export. Eventually I figured out a different way to place the graphics on InDesign without exponentially increasing the file size, and then the document was able to be exported.

And the entire time that was happening, “The Final Countdown” kept playing…let’s just say that song was ruined for me that night.




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