Rated and Evaluated Cover

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 11.18.32 PM.png

This cover design was very simple- all I had to do was figure out text placement on top of a photo! But…coming up with this cover photo concept was a lot of fun. This was about a year ago, so I don’t remember the scenario exactly, but I vaguely recall gathering all the editors into a room to brainstorm cover concepts. We wanted to maybe do something with an apple, because that is typically associated with teachers, but we weren’t quite sure what.

Eventually, I came up with the concept of a carved thumbs down graphic on an apple. It was a long shot, but we asked an art teacher at school if they would be able to create it, and they did! Then we had a fellow staffer dress up “like a teacher” and a photographer took the photo!

Aside from coming up with a concept, this design was pretty straightforward. Next time I’ll share the inside cover design so stay tuned!



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