Out of Context

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 11.17.15 PM.png

This spread is a step up from the last one, to say the least 🙂 It follows basic design rules and also has a clear hierarchy of elements. The dominant element on the first page effectively captures the reader’s attention and directs him or her to the following page (note how I made the head face right to subtly direct the reader).

However, there are always things to be improved 😉 I think one big thing is the colors- I think the colors matched really nicely on the first page, but they clash with those on the second. The green is the signature color of West Side Story, but it is too bright, and so is the Twitter-blue. Since the letters “WSS” were in the circles and the Twitter logo is very recognizable, I think it would’ve been okay for me to change those colors to something that matched better. Also, I don’t like the color of the messages in the sidebar- I think rather than grey, a sepia or beige would’ve been a lot better.

The other small thing that I think could be improved is the sub header for the sidebars. The words “Texting Etiquette” and “Twitter Talk” are so big that one’s eyes go directly to those sidebars and forgets about the main article! I think I would’ve changed the design up a little bit so it was more clear where the actual story started…maybe the article could’ve started on the first page below the deck instead of being crammed onto the second page.

Overall, I think this design was pretty good. I’m still proud of the dominant element I made, which is a good sign. The color choices were strong and it’s clear that the lessons I learned from the Are You Sad? design were applied here.

Until next time,



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