Bridging the Gap

Alrighty, here ya go: the last spread I designed for my mini-newspaper project! This series of The Appellation designs is coming to an end. Aside from the cover, this was my favorite design of the mini publication.

I’ll start with a critique of the first page: I really like the concept I went with here. (This story was on how long summer breaks can be detrimental to a student’s education) I remember we were struggling with ideas for what the photos should be of for this spread. Eventually, I came up with an idea that an empty hallway would effectively illustrate summer break. I went with a black and white look with a main accent color of pink.

One big pro of this spread is that all the colors match, and the look of this design was consistent with trends at the time, and is actually still in with the trends today! The main thing that I think could’ve been improved with this page was the placement of the text: the text clashed with the circles to the point where it looked like a mistake. Had it been more dramatic, it would’ve looked ok, but the way I did it, the text just looked awkward.

On to the second and third page: This is a clean design, but first off, the photo makes no sense. Just because we weren’t creative enough, my group opted to using a photo from Creative Commons. I think if we had thought a bit more, we could have come up with something a bit more unique. Furthermore, the placement of a dominant element in the middle of two pages is a bad idea: the binding of the publication then disrupts the design ruins the effect. Rather, if one should choose to use a dominant element that utilizes both pages, the center of it should NOT be between the two pages!

If I were to create this design again, i would try to think of a more creative photo, but I would also try to carry out more of the design from from the first page. Although the concept of circles is consistent, the colors blue and green are nowhere to be found on the following pages. Furthermore, there is only once instance of the dotted circle. A huge concept in design is repetition- most things should be repeated three times to create a clean and consistent look. Here however, the only aspect of the design that follows that rule are the pink circles.

Although there are some fatal flaws with this design, I think it looks fairly decent overall–it’s clean, easy on the eyes, and could still be seen as a sufficient design today. But sufficient isn’t the standards I-nor West Side Story– live up to 😉

Catch ya later!




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