50 Shades of Orange

50 Shades of Orange.png

Disclaimer: if you’re looking for a blog post bashing Trump, this isn’t it! Although maybe that post will come sometime in the future…

This was one of the few articles I’ve written throughout my high school career, but I’ll focus on design in this post. I think overall the idea for this was pretty good- at the time when this was designed (way back in 2014), geometric designs were a big trend, so this spread definitely followed that. Furthermore, it did include a pull quote, a sidebar and an engaging headline. However, there are also quite a few things lacking.

First off, this design barely passes the dollar bill rule: If you place a dollar bill on the page, it should not cover only text. In this case, headshots break up the text, but I wouldn’t count that as breaking up the text. I think the text could’ve been placed in an alternative manner so that the pull quote interrupted some text and the sidebar was in a different place.


Secondly, I still like the concept of the orange gradient triangles, but it makes the page too busy and really difficult to read. Rather, the page should’ve been mostly white, but maybe the area with the headline could’ve incorporated the gradient orange. Speaking of the headline, although it was very engaging, I abhor the fonts I used! I was spot on with the concept of highlighting a specific word with contrast, but my execution was very poor. Rather, I could’ve incorporated the gradient orange into the headline and created an interesting geometric pattern that accented parts of the headline. Then, the rest of the page would’ve looked cleaner and easier to read.

I also despise the look of the sidebar, but this was actually from the West Side Story Design Library that year, so at least I was staying with the trends that the publication was using that year. If I were to design this again and include the concepts I described above, I would spread out the sidebar a bit and place the headshots in circles. I would also make the quotes a bit larger and easier to read.

This design wasn’t nearly as bad as the “Frozen Joy” design I wrote about last week, but it still has plenty of room for improvement! Furthermore, it at least clearly followed design trends of that year and utilized the West Side Story Design Library.

I remember writing this was very fun, though. As I was compiling opinions from sources, I remember walking down the halls and asking random people about their opinions on spray tans.

See ya next week!






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