Table of Contents

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 5.36.22 PM.png

Aha! Here is the second page I designed for The Appellation. I’ll start off by saying I think this page was good in theory, I just didn’t execute it all that well. But granted, I lacked quite a bit of experience back then!

Like most of my pages, I found inspiration for this table of contents from Pinterest. I think the two big points that hurt this page were the photos and fonts. The colors were strong– they matched one another and didn’t clash with the photos on the page. However, I think the photos I took were very weak. First of all, only one of them had a source in them! Now I know that I should try to get as many people on a page as possible 🙂 Taking photos of objects is boring for the reader and doesn’t look as great, even though it seems slightly artsy when you’re doing it. Furthermore, the photo I took of Ryo was bland– I recall that the background was really busy so I made the decision to cut it out. Although this picture captures his personality well, with the background removed it loses a lot of its value. Cutouts just aren’t the same as a full photo!
Most importantly, although the photos are fairly bland, this page didn’t realize its full potential due to my poor choice in the font. With this small, thin font and all that white space, the page just looks awkward. Furthermore, the arrows just look silly and very basic. If I were to do this page again, I would…

  1. make the text BIGGER to fill up the awkward white space!
  2. use more than one font to create some contrast
  3. capture more d y n a m i c photos to engage the reader.
  4. create a cleaner arrow, or use something different altogether–perhaps a dotted line or even a solid line.

It makes me smile when I remember how excited I was about this page– I absolutely loved the inspiration, but unfortunately, I just didn’t have the experience to get it as good as it should’ve been. But, I’ll cut myself some slack…with what little experience I had at the time, I have to say this is pretty decent.

Stay tuned until next time for a very horrid design I made 😮 (I’m not exaggerating, it hurts me to this day)




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