The Wind of Freedom Blows


So I’ve been at Stanford for a week now and life has never been better! Every day is an adventure, whether I’m discovering a dingy but quiet study area in the Green Library or frolicking in a fountain. The campus is huge, but I’m getting better at finding my way around based off of the landmarks on campus (Hoover Tower, thanks for always being there for me~).

Nevertheless, I can always be sure to find myself lost at least once a day. I’ve finally completely given up on Apple Maps when it led me and my roommate to the sketchiest part of San Fransisco and Google Maps has found it’s way into my heart. Google Maps successfully led me to Cream, a famous ice cream sandwich shop, today so I have lots of faith in it now!

Living at Stanford is unexplainable. The motto here is “The Wind of Freedom Blows,” and I think this phrase communicates the campus vibe and experience so much better than any other words could.

The atmosphere at Stanford is amazing. Every person I meet is just as driven and passionate about something as I am, which is extremely refreshing. Everyone is focused when it comes to their classes, but also open to having a fun time and enjoying their 8 weeks here as well. And the people oh my gosh. The people I’ve met so far are the BEST! It’s funny how fast we all find a group to fit into and I think I found the best group ever. Cutting watermelon open with keys, playing cards until 3 am and learning to waltz in the dorm hallway could never be more fun (sorry to everyone else on our floor for being so loud 😁). I’m so excited for what the next 7 weeks have in store for me!

Every morning I go on a run around Lake Lagunita, which sounds pretty nice right? Yeah, it is, but when you first go, you have to make sure you aren’t deceived by the name. Lake Lagos is a dried up lake and when I looked it up online after running there, I pleasantly found out that it “serves as a vital breeding ground for many amphibians” (thanks Wiki). But actually, it’s a very nice place to run at when it’s 7am considering it’s convenient location next to my dorm and it’s pretty view of the Dish (and mating amphibians!!).

Speaking of the Dish, I went to run there a couple days ago and man, the view was definitely worth the pain of getting up there! The hills are super steep and never end, but it was a great workout. The best thing after a morning run is going to the dining hall get getting chocolate milk and ice cream for breakfast 😀 Florence Moore donated money to build FloMo Residence on the condition that ice cream would be served every day for every meal and that the closets would be fairly big. I’m oh so very greatful for those conditions :’)

























I cannot even comprehend how beautiful this campus is. I will post tons of pictures soon 😀 All the buildings are gorgeous and I love the juxtaposition of intricate, older looking buildings with sleek and modern buildings. There are super cool structures and sculptures all over campus as well as fountains. I’ve especially fallen in love with McMurty, the art building. The buildings has a super cool wooden structure in the middle with sharp angles and an orange accent wall. On the roof, there’s a super pretty garden with cement seats in various spots. This photo does not do the building justice; it’s aesthetic is SO GOOD!

This piece was inspired by some yummy bubble tea (not as good as the boba from Boba Guys but close enough) I had yesterday in San Fransisco. I didn’t get to thoroughly enjoy my boba since I was running with my roommate to catch the next Caltrain back to Palo Alto so I had to make a graphic of boba instead. For this piece, I used the watercolor brush on Adobe Sketch. I used a light pink background and created the cup by erasing the pink (hooray for negative space!!) and I used multiple layers to blend the colors of the drink. Maybe this is just me, but my favorite part of using the watercolor brush on Adobe Sketch is when I make a big, sweeping stroke and then I watch the color “bleed” into the surroundings…it’s so satisfying! I made the boba with the circle tool and left the circles empty to give it a cleaner look. This piece made me crave more lavender infused milk based boba so I think I’ll need to make another trip to satisfy the craving sometime soon 😀


2 thoughts on “The Wind of Freedom Blows

  1. Great post! Stumbled on it through my wordpress feed with the “Stanford” tag. As an alum, it always brings back great memories of Stanford when I hear about new folks discovering the amazing campus!

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