Heyo, I haven’t posted in a while but there will be more to come now that it’s summer. I’m taking courses for the summer semester at Stanford, including a drawing course which I am very excited about. Hopefully I’ll create lots of cool stuff to share 🙂

I recently got the iPad Pro, and along with it comes the amazing Apple Pencil. I’ve been experimenting with the stylus a bunch and I LOVE IT. The pencil is awesome– you can rest your hand on the screen and draw like you would on a sheet of paper. Also, the stylus responds to the amount of pressure you place on the screen and the angle you use it at.

I had previously tried using a Bamboo tablet for digital art, however I found it really difficult to use, and I gave up after the software broke my computer -.- I resorted to just drawing things out by hand, taking a picture of my drawings and tracing them on Illustrator to get the look I wanted (a very time-consuming process).

With the Apple Pencil, I can do a lot more digital artwork. As a result, I’ve transitioned from using the Adobe Draw app to Adobe Sketch. Adobe Sketch has a lot more brushes available, which opens up a variety of potential projects.

The one problem with Adobe Sketch is that you can’t add multiple layers to a project. However, I found a way to kind of work around that– you can save a part of your artwork as a photo, upload it to a new document and then add more artwork above or below it. It doesn’t work perfectly though. To get the red background behind the face on this piece I had use Photoshop.

Another issue I ran into is that when you transfer the piece onto an Indesign or Photoshop document, the background isn’t transparent like it is on Adobe Draw. I had to erase the white space using the Eraser Tool because the Background Eraser Tool and Quick Selection Tool didn’t work on the graphic.

For this piece, I made the entire graphic on Adobe Sketch and combined the face with the background on Photoshop. I mixed a variety of brushes and I kept the entire graphic in black and white with a dramatic red background. This piece was super fun to make because I was mainly just experimenting with the different tools on Adobe Sketch and the power of the Apple Pencil.


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