I Am Groot


Guardians of the Galaxy is one of my favorite movies from its awesome soundtrack to its funny and lovable characters like Groot and Rocket.

Last spring, my best friend Eleanor had been having a lot of trouble trying to find a new iPhone wallpaper. She had exhausted all her resources (reddit) and couldn’t find any Marvel wallpapers that fit her taste. I happened to have plenty of time one night so I figured why not make a cute Groot wallpaper for her? (Yes, creating Marvel characters in InDesign is what I do in my free time.)

I spent a lot of time browsing “cute Groot pics” to find a good one that I could recreate. Once I found a good picture, making Groot’s pot was the easiest part; all I had to do was make a bunch of odd shapes and change the tint of each one to create the shadows I wanted. Groot’s trunk was created in a similar fashion, with a couple different shades of brown. The real pain came when I had to create his hair. Each hair strand was made from skinny, jagged shapes and at the end of some I added a leaf. That doesn’t sound too bad, except I had to make nearly 100 of them.  The key to making this graphic look nice was randomness. I had to make all the shapes fairly distinct from one another, otherwise Groot would have looked less like a tree and more like nasty metal pole covered in mold.

Needless to say, Eleanor didn’t end up with a moldy pole as her phone wallpaper. The hardest part of making this piece was probably Groot’s smile; it’s nothing in comparison to Mona Lisa’s, but I’d say it’s a whole lot cuter!



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